Current International Project


With its three fields of action, "AMAZONIA MISSION" is our first large-scale event for the inauguration of our association. Our team is currently conducting scientific and archaeological investigations, humanitarian crisis, and sustainable actions in the Amazonian Jungle Ucayali communities.


2019 - 2020

Mission Amazonia will organize seven expeditions in the Ucayali Jungle. Many original and sacred sites only known by natives. Under their vigilance and guidance, in the respect for their culture, they will share with us some of their discoveries of sites and archaeological treasures of the Inca Empire still unknown by the general public


2019 - 2020

The living conditions of the Amazonian communities are disastrous for the great majority of them. Death rate is always increasing, sometimes shaman healers don't exist and healthcare is inaccessible. Our mission is to organize emergency humanitarian actions, with medicines, anti-venom and the necessary equipment to allow them to live in their community without risk of death.


2019 - 2020

We support communities through the implementation of sanitary, ecological and sustainable solutions.

Through innovative technology, we will propose solutions for access to drinking water and going back to living conditions, respectful of human dignity. We will set up actions to clean up the Amazon rainforest to support communities in their role as protector and guardian of the forest.

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