Clean Energy and Drinking Water for all!

We develop access to clean energy through the various known techniques but also through research and development of innovative and novel solutions. We help communities to access this resources.

We support them in the treatment of water to overcome the contamination of their sources. Through research, we also develop solutions to provide access to clean drinking water all over the planet.

Total cleaning of the oceans

With specialists, a global plan for cleaning the oceans is being set up. Thanks to the existing and new techniques, we aim to give back the Oceans the space that has been occupied by the seventh continent.

The waste accumulated by the currents continues to grow, offering a tragic spectacle for the ocean and its inhabitants.

Our mission includes also the support of governments in their transition to a plastic-free future.

For a healthy diet

We provide support to the farmers and gardeners wishing to promote and get back their own activities. Food directly impacts health and is the first medecine, essential for the proper functioning of our body. At the origin of the cellular regeneration, it has unfortunately become a factor of degradation of our health. We will teach Earth lovers ecological and productive techniques, such as Permaculture, to reconnect with a healthy and regenerative diet. For health to be on your plate!

We are in the process of creating a strict LABEL of quality to orient consumers concerned about their well being. Finally we will intervene with the governments to encourage the states towards to transition to a renewed food market.

Common Actions

We are committed to supporting and working hand in hand with activists, organizations or associations that share our values and are already taking actions around the world. We will help them to finalize their projects and to grow their actions more concretely. Unity is strength, together we will go far!