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Wayang Amazonia

This work was created to make the world aware, by means of art, of the dramatic situation of the native communities of the Peruvian Amazon. 

A story told in shadows, to highlight real facts.

When the Wayang Kulit, Javanese shadow theater, meets the sacred songs of the Peruvian Amazon, it is above all to tell the marvelous journey of peoples in danger.

As diversity makes our world, cultures nourish it. It is a story that speaks of unity, however, of Nature, traditions, mutual aid, cultures.  

This time, the trees are no longer bearing fruit, the fish remain at the bottom of the water, the sky cries acid drops, the river smells bad, the well dries up, and the children of the Shipibo people get sick. Even the village shaman struggles to cure them. So begins for some a walk, a quest in the dense forest, in search of the one who can give them the solution. Because the forest whispers, sings sometimes, swarms too, but above all shelters souls and enchanting spirits, the characters will meet several times on their way ... each will ultimately guide them towards their goal: to find the Great Shaman, who alone will have the final word on the story. Thus, all together they will find how to help the populations of these remote villages of Amazonian Peru to find the balance of their worlds.  

This work was created to make the world aware, by means of art, of the dramatic situation of the native communities of the Peruvian Amazon. Shot during the first performance of Wayang Amazonia at the Théâtre du Paradis in Gustavia, Saint Barthélemy, on February 22, 2020. We thank you for your donation which contributes to the financing of the actions of Mission Amazonia for the safeguard of the native peoples of Amazonia. 


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