The association is organized around different players, working to achieve our missions
Active Members
Mobilization and action

Active Members are all the members mobilized in the different actions of the association. They support us on the field, in our various missions of awareness, or action for the planet and all its inhabitants.

Benefactor Members
Solidarity and commitment

The Benefactor Members are the members participating in the sustainability of the actions set up by the association. They offer a real support for the actions developed by the Active Members, thanks to their contribution,

Honorary Members
Reference and abilities

The status of Honorary Members is attributed to the personalities who provided services to the association, in terms of communication or professional expertise, to the benefit of the association with their notoriety or their skills.

Support and generosity

Sponsors are the essential financial support for the actions of the association. Whether they are regular or occasional during specific fund, they help to ensure Boson's engagements as far as they can.

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