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Let's take action to safeguard the Amazonian Guardian



Created in August 2018, the BOSON association is defined by its humanist values and its proximity to the entire living world .

Its vocation is to unite , and drive changes to restore   harmony over all the kingdoms of the living world , human, animal, environment . Its international project MISSION AMAZONIA, begins its actions in the Peruvian Amazon , for the protection and safeguard of the native peoples, guardians of the Amazon by accompanying them towards a return to autonomy .

Back from our first expedition, we are more determined than ever to continue our humanitarian mission to these native peoples. We come back with knowledge of the field and local obligations in terms of logistics, technical constraints and local needs. This is an EMERGENCY mission for access to DRINKING WATER .

Our deep convictions far outweigh the inconvenience caused by the difficult conditions in the Amazon, the observation made on the spot is relentless. If we do not react, hundreds of individuals will disappear, and with them, the hope of alleviating the situation we are experiencing today in the Amazon.

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Actions Completed - September-October 2019

In July 2019 we launched the fundraising campaign, 3 months later, we took action in the field.

We were able to restore access to drinking water in three communities and thus help a little over 1,600 people . We were also able to bring them an ambulance boat and various emergency humanitarian aid to the COMMUNITY OF PIJUAYAL.

A big thank you to the 103 DONORS , to the ROTARY CLUB OF ST BARTHÉLEMY , and to our Sponsor Mr. Didier Dalles of CARIB PROJECT MANAGEMENT who, thanks to their support, allowed us to work effectively and concretely in the field !

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Nettoyage en cours du puits de la Selva,

Upcoming Fall 2021 Actions


The context of the year 2020 has shown us how much humans are capable of adapting. The environmental context today has considerably changed the order of things and we already feel that the resilience is there, that Mission Amazonia II will have had time to mature and come back with more determination. We will therefore carry out the construction of a BOREHOLE EQUIPPED WITH A SOLAR ENERGY PUMP and two water reservoirs in the community of PIJUAYAL in the Ucayali region in the PERUVIAN AMAZONIA .

We will bring them food , school supplies and other basic necessities that they requested from us during our previous expedition.

We will also work in the community of VISTA ALEGRE where we clean and equip the artisanal well with a solar- powered pump as well as three water tanks.



Mission Amazonia is currently active in Peru in the region of Ucayali which extends over 102,411 KM and includes 3 natural floors, the low forest, the high forest and the high forest.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

There are many native communities living in the Amazon jungle with their respective customs and traditions. Some share their precious culture while others lose their ancestral knowledge.

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

In both cases, their living conditions have been deteriorating for several years, the mortality rate is increasing (according to the testimonies received because it is impossible to have figures) for lack of care , traditional healers no longer exist , water of the Rio is polluted , malnutrition and anemia have become a scourge , and their isolation which was a force becomes a trap. They want to continue to live in their environment , they know the forest well, their role as guardian is essential to maintain balance , overcome the phenomenon of deforestation and live again in human dignity .

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

For that, they need our support , it is an emergency noted during MISSION AMAZONIA 1 . It is therefore on the strength of this first observation and the actions carried out as part of our first mission in September and October 2019 that we are organizing our second humanitarian expedition from 2020 .

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