Nos Missions

BOSON Ensemble ; Boson pour l'Humanité ; Boson pour la Nature ; association Boson
Boson for Humanity   

In a world going faster and faster we forget our own needs. Putting the human at the center of our concerns is essential for us. To support everyone on their own path in autonomy and respect for the individual. To regain an individual, family and relational balance, to respect  human dignity and to get on well together. Be the change you want to see around you, so that each on their own way can  impact in their own lives and in the world.

Boson Together to learn or relearn how to be "Human Beings".

Boson Ensemble pour la Nature, Association Boson
Boson for the Environment

Very few areas of our planet are still free from pollution. Plastic, for example, is a scourge destroying our entire ecosystem from the bottom of the ocean to the deepest part of Amazonian forest. Thanks to the new technologies, we will fight this death invasion. We will protect our forests from deforestation and support communities in the energy transition for a future in harmony with Mother Earth.

association Boson; Boson ensemble
Boson for Animals

We are currently experiencing the sixth mass extinction phenomenon of animal species, this fact is no longer to demonstrate, scientists have given the alert. We will set up wildlife protection missions in the natural environment and all necessary actions to contribute to the safeguarding of the animal world. From the awareness of the population and direct actions on the ground, our fields of application want to be multiple, diversified and open to the cohesion of all goodwill.

Boson Association, Logo Boson, Boson
Boson Together.

Initiators of change are numerous nowadays. We have committed to supporting and working hand in hand with specialists, organizations and associations, sharing our values ​​and already working around the world. We will come together to enhance weight to our common projects by uniting our actions on the ground. Boson together to go far !