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The Amazon is the largest forest in the world. It represents a real treasure of biodiversity (1/4 of the world's species live there and this territory is also home to many resources (gold, copper, iron ore, tantalum ... and 15% of the world's fresh water).

Described as the "lung of the planet", the Amazon is essential in the regulation of climate change in the world. It stores 90 to 140 billion tonnes of CO2 (WWF sources). Experts have been sounding the alarm bell for years now, as this absorption capacity is declining due to deforestation and fires (accidental or otherwise). No less than 20% of the Amazon rainforest has disappeared in 50 years (again according to WWF). Deforestation consists of converting wooded areas into agriculture (soybeans, palm), into breeding areas (meat, animals for their skins), to build hydroelectric dams and road infrastructure, for the mining industry, for timber trafficking. . Some initiatives make it possible to protect the forest by setting up reforestation projects and there is a lot to do! The functioning of our ecosystem cannot exist without this region of the world. We are finally aware of the scale of the phenomenon and the collateral damage of a situation that is deteriorating from year to year! Allusion made to the native populations who live there and represent the guardians of this green desert. Today, many of them no longer have the means to fulfill their role, for a variety of reasons depending on local "news". It could be the village to be rebuilt after a fire, land confiscated or taken by force, river waters polluted by industries which are in force, disease and malnutrition… the list goes on. These peoples feel abandoned by all and often live in a human indignity that is not acceptable. WHAT WE DO FOR THEM, WE DO FOR US, AND FOR GENERATIONS TO COME!

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