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Why Boson ?

Updated: May 27, 2022

Boson, or Higgs Boson, is one of the elementary particles of the standard model in quantum mechanics. It was observed in 2012, which earned to physicists François Englert and Peter Higgs a Nobel Prize.

At the beginning, elementary particles would have appeared, wandering in space without much conviction of evolution. Protons, neutrons or neutrinos, the latter would then have no mass, ... until the Boson, passing nearby, would have given them new properties, inviting them to gather in total synergy, to give place to matter, the main ingredient of our reality.

This famous Boson, at the origin of this cosmic agitation, is soon renamed by an evocative name : the God particle. Gathering, unification, complexification, evolution towards matter, then our galaxy, our solar system, our dear planet and its biodiversity.

Today, here on Earth, it is clear that this mysterious system of complexity has runned away, or seems to be jamming - as saturated by a consciousness having lost the sense of harmony.

This year 2018, we have chosen to create a new Boson, with all the humility we must have after this huge story preceding us. A new boson, in the service of the previous, whose mission is to breath in the collective consciousness, the first rule of its evolution, this lost meaning that must be recovered, this elementary concept of harmony.

In that way, let's get together, giving life to our common wishes. Like the Boson, let us impact consciousness to let emerge and reconquest the lost harmony from inertia. Let's restore meaning from where it disappeared. Defend the foundations of our evolution system by starting with our dear Mother Earth, and all its inhabitants. Let's put the respect of life back in the foreground, allow the original movement to resume its course and restore the inseparable symbiosis of the living world.

Boris Lalanne,

Founding President of the Boson Association.residente Association Boson

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