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LOGO ST BARTH & L'EAU avec bordure blanc

WATER: An essential element for life, inseparable from the living world.

Access to drinking water is a basic need and today constitutes one of the greatest challenges for humanity.

Monday, March 22, 2021 will be the International Water Day decreed by the United Nations. On this occasion the Boson association will begin its festival by intervening with the new generations in the various schools of the island then will end the week with a series of conferences and exhibitions on the quays of Honor of Gustavia.

The Festival Village will bring together local associations sharing Boson's values: the protection and safeguard of the living world. They will have the opportunity to hold a stand to discuss and respond to the population throughout the day.

The objective of ST BARTH ET L'EAU week is above all to make the population aware of this precious resource in order to put it back at the center of our daily concerns.

The lectures will be filmed and thus will be the subject of several videos available on the internet pages dedicated to the event.

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