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From September 2019 to Today - Peruvian Amazonia


For the event of the global clean-up of the planet, The World Clean-up Day, the Boson team organized with the municipality the clean-up of part of the city of Aguaytia. Aguaytia is the capital of the Padre Abad province in the Ucayali region. It is a village located on the banks of the Aguaytía river, on the highway between Pucallpa and Tingo María.

It is not less than fifty villagers, the local football club, the school, the health center and even the local military unit who joined this event in order to show by example to the other villagers that simple but daily actions made it possible to change things. Aware that it is everyone's responsibility, they found themselves in the desire to have a clean city without waste littering the ground.

This day was also marked by the planting of different trees on the main road in order to give back its place to a nature too often absent.


Christine Simon



Boris Lalanne




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